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Jaspar LLC - diamond earringsJaspar LLC is an exclusive jewelry advisory service.

The idea for the venture parallels that of the traditional art advisory service business and extends to the world of jewelry the concept of working with a trusted advisor.

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What We Do

Jaspar offers two services. If you are seeking to purchase any item of jewelry--an antique or modern brooch, a signed Art Deco bracelet, a strand of South Sea pearls, a pair of yellow diamond earrings or an unmounted stone--Jaspar will find it for you. We will ensure that whatever you acquire is of the highest quality for the price that you are looking to pay. For this service, Jaspar normally charges 10% of cost, which will almost always be substantially below retail. If we assist you in purchasing jewelry at auction, we charge a sliding scale commission based on the amount that you spend.

Jaspar also assists in the disposition of jewelry. If you have a piece that no longer suits your lifestyle or have inherited jewelry that you will not wear, we can familiarize you with the various channels for selling it. After consultation with you, we will either sell the jewelry to a private client, sell the property in the jewelry trade for a fair price or shepherd it through the auction process. We can also help you sell something in order to trade up to a more important piece. For this service, Jaspar charges either a negotiated flat fee or commission.

Jaspar makes the process of buying or selling jewelry easy and pleasurable, while maximizing value for you. We will be happy to advise you on the occasional purchase as well as to collaborate more closely with you on building a collection and managing your jewelry portfolio--planning, purchasing, appraising and selling. We bring to every transaction an unrivaled combination of experience, integrity, discretion and commitment to the highest level of client service.

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